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Hospitality Community

The first heart of our mission is to assist the Hospitality Community with affordable quality preschool services. We realize that the service industry in general deserves many breaks and discounts in life regarding the flexible schedules that have to be worked in the industry. Even though at this time Kiddie LIFE will be open during traditional hours, it is expected that in the second phase of Kiddie LIFE the hours of operation will expand and continue to expand until the goal of being open from 7am to 11pm (or even later) is accomplished. The pastor of the church of LIFE was a former hospitality employee for most of his life, therefore he has a heart for the people working in this industry.

Surrounding Communities

Another part of our mission is to serve our surrounding communities and this includes the Dr. Phillips, Kirkman, Williamsburg, and Tangelo Park communities. We are aware that these communities may already have many child care options, but we want to offer very affordable quality preschool to them as well. Eventually we believe that the flexible hours we will offer and the quality programs that we will operate with, will eventually get Kiddie LIFE the attention it deserves and we know that we will eventually be a well known brand in all of these communities. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you by taking good care of your kiddies when the demands of time in your life necessitate our child care services.

Visiting Community

One of the main reasons why Orlando is the number one destination city in the world is not only because of all the attractions we are known for. The second most important reason is because we are the leading convention destinations as well. This being said, there is a rather large need for child care services for those who bring their families to Orlando during their conventions. We know that business meals and entertainment usually do not include children’s entertainment in their curriculum. For this reason, we can have special tailored programs for our convention visitors as well. Because these services require more planning, we would ask for at least 15-30 days of notice depending on requirements and size of group.